You Could Soon Be Living in a Custom Log Cabin

Our custom home design team in Angel Fire, NM can make that dream a reality

Imagine waking up every morning in a rustic retreat that was custom-built for you. Now imagine designing every aspect of your custom log cabin with the help of a dedicated construction company. That can happen when you hire Prindle Brothers Construction of Angel Fire, NM to build the cabin you've always wanted.

Whether you want to build your cabin in the mountains of Colorado, the High Plains of Texas or somewhere in between, we can create a custom cabin design that will...

Look like it has always been part of the landscape
Allow you to enjoy sweeping views of your surroundings
Feature the modern conveniences you've come to appreciate

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Serving New Mexico, Texas and Colorado

Built by hand using the finest materials

With over 23 years of experience, our crew can turn any tree into lumber for a log cabin. We work with species that are native to the area, as well as timber harvested from regions struck by forest fires.

Reach out today to find out how our custom home design team in Angel Fire, NM can incorporate reclaimed wood into your log cabin.

We can protect your log cabin from forest fires

Prindle Brothers Construction is more than just a construction company. Our family provides forest fire mitigation services by cutting down trees that could turn to kindling in hot, dry conditions. With our help, you can protect your newly built log cabin from encroaching flames.